Friday, 11 March 2016


Only this week, I put the attached image of my brother (with an anaconda in the West Indies) out on Facebook and received a response I never expected - this image was recognised, by a well-known Kenyan radio personality and wildlife conservationist, as being used as a Facebook profile image or on the profile page two or three years ago. 

I first posted this image in November 2014 on my business blog, having only just found it when I plucked up the nerve to log-on to Chris' computer, which had not been touched for at least 10 years. Before that time, Chris would NOT have had access to this image. I wonder - does anyone else recognise this image of Chris? He is more than likely using a different name. 
We are desperate to find him. Knowing Chris, before he left for Africa, there is no way that he would ignore his family - he was a seasoned traveller and would always keep in regular contact. Something is keeping him from getting in contact - if he's copied the image then he most certainly knows we're still searching fo him. There could be many reasons for him not coming forward… his mental/physical state, being stopped from coming forward, anxiety about getting in touch after so long, having to face the music, etc. 
Please be assured, if you do know Chris, we only want to know he’s still alive so we can come out of this nightmare limbo. Please, please, if you recognise Chris, or know him, please get in touch…

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