Tuesday, 8 July 2008

It's a Music Thang

From Ramsay Short - at Edinburgh with Chris:

Apart from being absolutely hysterical – I pissed my pants numerous times with him whether we were in Portugal or playing the cardgame Shithead in Negotiant's café at Edinburgh (somehow Chrissy would always end up 'Shithead' and look aghast at the 'how' of it while Angus, Vicky and I looked on) – Christian V was wicked bass guitar player.

During our second year, Christian, Olly Smith and myself did our bit for the Edinburgh 'student acting scene' by writing and playing the live music for the Fresher's Play. I say we did our bit, but it wasn't for our love of theatre. Rather it was out of our womanising passion - to get our hands on the sexy young chikitas all desperate for starring roles and snogs back stage. I think the single boys of our trio – Christian and myself – had some success, but what fun we had chatting about it and plotting with glee, about which of the fit wannabe actresses we stood chances with, and who should come back to practice their singing role in a private session. God, we were animals! But all in good spirits, I might add.

Still, I just wanted to note that of many memories coming to me, the days of band practice with Chrissy plucking his bass diligently, and playing some fantastic badass riffs, are some of my favourite from that year filled with moments of joking, seriousness and laughs. And need I say it - The Boy Had Talent - I could listen to Chrissy spank that guitar for hours.

"Down with a world in which the guarantee that we will not die of starvation has been purchased with the guarantee that we will die of boredom." - Raoul Vaneigem, The Revolution Of Everyday Life

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