Thursday, 31 July 2008

I confess...I tried to kill him

Chris didn't really have a chance against me, the evil sister (18 months older than him) who tried to 'do away' with him when he was a baby, still in his pram. I must have been about 2 years-old.

Picture the scene: Dad has come in from the farm for his lunch...the sun is shining, so he's sitting on the terrace at the side of the house, near to the fish pond. Mum is I don't know where, but presumably on the terrace as well, because she witnessed the result of my dirty deed. I, all innocent, and apparently alone, am standing next to Chris' pram which sits on the slopped path outside the front door (said path leads down to the terrace and the fish pond). Chris is obviously in pram. Can you see where this is going, yet?

Well, in my innocence (I have to keep repeating this) I must have been tinkering with the pram and accidentally let off the brake of said pram. I can't remember seeing the pram, with my brother in it, gently free-wheeling down the path, but I can imagine that I was not that disturbed and probably was giggling at this point. So, pram trundles down the slope, gathering speed (it was quite a slope)....

Meanwhile, Dad wonders what the approaching rumble he hears could be. He asks Mum, 'What's that noise?'. They look round to see pram roll off the slope onto the terrace with a jolt, and see their little darling son launched in the air...

You'll never guess, but Dad has his arms out like a shot and Chris lands safely in his father's arms. Thank God, otherwise I'd have been in real trouble!!

Next instalment in Chris's close shaves with death: Mum tries to kill him...(before anyone gets too upset - it was an accident. Poor sod being born into this family!)

P.S Will add some cute, and embarrassing, pics of Chris when he was a babe to this post soon....

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Angel said...

Ha ha! This made me laugh. You may regret posting this confession if he sees it one day!

Brilliant story, bless you.