Monday, 12 December 2011

Chris' Life Story

What a shame this blog has somewhat stalled over the past few years - I guess life just goes on and, for me, I've had two children, moved house and started a new business. We still miss Chris every day and especially over Christmas when I can't help being angry that he's not here to share it with us - he may well have had a family of his own by now.

Anyway, Chris has been at the forefront of my mind since August when I interviewed my/our father to find out his life story for a project I was working on. Obviously, we discussed Chris and his disappearance and both got upset. My husband and I edited Dad's story, added photographs and designed a hardback book for him - when we got the books back from the printers we couldn't believe that there was a typo (we'd checked it over and over for mistakes). And where was it...? On the page opposite a full portrait shot of Dad and Chris! I've decided to keep the mistake in as it's kind of nice to think that Chris may have had a hand in annotating the page to let us know he saw it! The book was the first step in creating my new business and Chris was the inspiration - see

Hence this post...It's high time that I got round to creating a book of Chris' life story, but that means I need some help from his friends to fill in all the gaps that we, as his family, can't...All contributions welcome.

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